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Hi I'm Brit!

I'm a performing artist who also has passion for being behind camera, which is what The Greens Department Studio is all about for me. Creating a space where I could work with other artists and put my skills to service has been a dream of mine long in the making.

I've been photographing headshots, events and promotional material for close to 15 years now, with my photography appearing in numerous online publications like Variety, Deadline, IMDb, to television shows like CW's The Flash, Canada AM, E! Talk Daily, as well as newsprint in Flare Magazine, Elle Canada, The National Post, Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Strait, Vancouver Courier, The Winnipeg Free Press, to the sides of buses and billboards in Vancouver, and as the album artwork for some incredible musicians.

While pursuing my own dreams as an actor (check out my IMDb, I was on Riverdale! ) I also worked for an incredible team of casting directors for five years where I was an audition reader and camera operator, working with Vancouver's finest actors on the daily. The teachings I got from that experience are invaluable to me, and has helped cultivate my directorial skill while giving me a much deeper appreciation and perspective for the world of TV and film production.

I love to sing and play piano, and a highlight of my life was touring in a rock band for a few years where one weekend we played Squamish music festival in BC on a Friday, flew to Kitchener Ontario to headline in front of 25,000 people on the Saturday, and finally landed in Truro, Nova Scotia to close the show at the Dutch Mason Blues festival on the Sunday! Somewhere in that sleep deprived weekend, Celine Dion visited me in a dream and tried to drown me in the ocean. I still love her though, I think she was just trying to warn me to not date musicians or something.

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